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Aromatherapy & Yoga Event 

When: Sunday, October 24th 

Where: Online Zoom Event 

Class includes:

Two Full sized roll on bottles


-Luxurious face, neck & shoulder massage


- Make space with Yin Yoga

-Indulge your senses with aromatherapy


-Grounding meditation

-Balance your energy 


- Nourish your skin, mind, body & spirit

-Reduces stress

All from the comfort of your own home.


Please sign up ASAP on or before Wednesday, October 13th.










Paypal or Zelle:

Venmo: @Laurayogabliss

e-mail: with any questions

Essential oils are a powerful tool in your healing toolbox. Used as an upgrade to lifestyle, and mindset changes, essential oils can help to get you some stress relief.

Inversions & Floating Workshops

It’s time to get floaty & have fun!!! This two-hour workshop focuses on Handstands and Inversions in your yoga practice and is available for all levels – both beginners and frequent flyers are welcome to join the fun!We will break down the handstand step by step starting with hand placement, wrist alignment and learning how to set up each part of our body perfectly before we lift our feet off the ground. Through core work, mindfulness and alignment you will learn everything you need to know to make handstands a fearless part of your yoga practice! We will go over how to "fall" properly and practice drills to help you feel more confident in getting off your feet and on to your hands! We will also go over how to incorporate lightness in your every day practice…even if that means getting your feet an inch off the mat to start…Get ready for take off friends :) !



Dance, Fitness, Aromatherapy, and Yoga Fusion Flow

Come let loose and dance to raise your vibration, increase your joy, build confidence, tone your body and then settle into a deep state of peace. This ultra-fun workshop brings together the body-mind-spirit union of dance, music, meditation and yoga.


Move and dance to uplifting music (Zumba style)

Get toned and beautified from the inside out!


Learn new choreography

Aromatherapy- Experience the therapeutic effects of essential oils

Detox- Transform old tensions into flowing and healing energy

-release the old (limiting beliefs or blockages)   

Yoga Flow to slow down and lead you into a blissful savasana.


You will leave feeling blissed out! 


Partner Play Shops

This light hearted Workshop is a blend of yoga games, partner work and basic acrobatics. Feel free to bring a partner or simply come solo. No experience or partner necessary. This class is designed to inspire confidence, boost body awareness and make you laugh out loud! Come fly with us!


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