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With anxiety, it can feel impossible to find anything to help. Neuroscientists have proven in a study that a particular song can reduce your anxiety by 65%. The study was done at Mindlab International in the U.K. The researchers wanted to know what kind of music makes a person feel the most relaxed sensation. The study involved participants trying to solve different puzzles, while connected to a sensor. While they did the puzzles, the participants listened to a variety of songs. Researchers recorded their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing.

The song Weightless by the Marconi Union, resulted in a 65% decrease in the participant’s overall anxiety! They also had a 35% reduction in their usual physiological resting rates! The song was specifically designed to induce a feeling of relaxation. The musicians teamed up with sound therapists to create the song. You can listen to it below. It's also the first song on this month's Yoga playlist!​

A daily practice of Meditation and Yoga will help your body and mind to be more present and calm.
The app "Insight Timer" is a great resource for a personal meditaion practice. They have soft music or guided meditations available for free.
The body achieves what the mind believes...tune inward to figure out the stories and beliefs that may be blocking you from feeling your best.

Positive Affirmations for Stress-Free Positive Affirmations for Living:

I let go of all fear and doubt, and life becomes simple and easy for me. I create a stress-free world for myself. I relax all of my neck muscles, and I let go of any tension in my shoulders.

I slowly breathe in and out, and I find myself relaxing more and more with each breath.




Anxiety is so much more than being “stressed out.” It’s a serious condition that affects over 40 million Americans. Constant worry and tension, heart palpitations, insomnia, trembling, and restlessness is a part of their day-to-day lives. As the most common mental illness in The United States, it’s easy to see how all of this can interfere with their social and professional lives. Prolonged stress and anxiety put a strain on a person, physically as well as mentally. High blood pressure, heart attacks, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, and gastrointestinal problems have all been shown to be results of chronic stress.Although many people suffering from anxiety (including those with PTSD, OCD, and panic disorder) find that pharmaceuticals and therapy can alleviate their symptoms. However, now more than ever, people are turning to a natural alternative for relief. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis and people have been using CBD oil for stress relief since the 1980s.CBD FOR STRESS – EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICALA lot of people are hesitant to try CBD for their maladies because they associate it with marijuana and/or drugs in general, but CBD oil for stress is more widely accepted now than ever. Numerous studies and personal accounts have shown that CBD can have a positive impact on people suffering from everything generalized anxiety disorders and PTSD, to social anxiety and OCD. It’s a versatile substance that has therapeutic effects and acts as an antipsychotic, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective among many other things. People use CBD stress relievers all throughout their bodies, whether it be just a few drops after work to calm yourself down after a stressful day or using a special salve design to alleviate pain. Many people use CBD oil anti-anxiety supplements daily and some of them even find that their symptoms disappear completely over time. Once you’ve felt the peacefulness and relaxation that comes from using CBD oil for stress and anxiety, you’ll be dying to share your experiences with the world.You can choose to consult a nutritionist or anyone who specializes in holistic medicine to recommend different usage strategies and servings of CBD oil anti-anxiety supplements if you are unfamiliar with the practice. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll soon find out what your body responds to best (for example, taking a small serving at night rather than a larger one in the morning) and be able to manage it all on your own. Although many research studies have shown a wide variety of benefits for using CBD oil for stress, the FDA does not legally recognize it as a pharmaceutical or even a dietary supplement. Only 10 states have legalized marijuana and 33 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, marijuana and CBD tend to go hand in hand. Clinical trials that study the uses of CBD oil for stress in humans are still fairly new, so there is a lot of catching up to do. Despite all this, the medical field has still been able to make great advancements. The future for CBD as a medicine is becoming clearer by the day.​

If you have any questions about working through anxiety, please feel free to email me! I'd be happy to share every little thing that has worked to keep my anxiety at bay. Here is my link to soul CBD!

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