My Water Birth Story

My purpose in sharing my birth story is to reassure everyone due to give birth, that no matter how or where you give birth, whether things pan out as you planned or they deviate slightly, whether you or your baby use meds, an intervention or not, your birth can still be the most positive and empowering experience of your life!

My labor kicked off around 1am on Saturday, January 31st. I tried to sleep through the night, but the surges/contractions continued at a steady pace. I didn’t know I was in labor...I just thought I was having some strong cramps . Once everyone else got up for the day, I did some gentle yoga, washed my hair and just kept moving throughout the day. I listened to the positive birth company’s guided meditations & affirmations to keep a healthy mindset. The contractions started to intensify as the day went on. Out of all the positive mantras I memorized during pregnancy, singing “let it go” from Frozen seemed to work wonders.

I started to text my amazing doula, Samara - she suggested I take a bath and try to get some rest. I took a bath but there was no way I could rest... I couldn’t sit still.

After dinner I asked my sister and husband if they wanted to walk the neighborhood. We walked the hood a few times, when we got back my contractions were so intense I threw up. It was 9:37pm and my doula said she was on her way. When she got to the house she said if I still wanted a water birth, we would have to leave now for the hospital as I was in active labor and it takes about an hour to set up the tub.

We gathered all of our bags and made our way to the hospital. I don’t think we hit any red lights. (Thank you angels!)

Got checked in, took a Covid test and breathed through each surge as we waited to be admitted into labor and delivery. Once we got into our room, the nurse checked me and said I was about 5-6 cm dilated.

My doula, Samara rushed to get the birth tub set up (so grateful !!!) & probably about an hour later my water broke. The nurse checked me again and I was 9cm she told me to stay put on the bed. I think she was nervous I would have the baby without the doctor present. As the surges/contractions grew, my new mantra was inhale ease for 4 counts exhale grace for 8 counts. Worked well - the other nurses that came in were surprised I was smiling at this point of labor. Having a positive mindset is so powerful. We also turned the lights low, had the diffuser on with a blend of calming and grounding essential oils I made.

Dr. Skeete arrived and I hopped into the birthing tub and felt immediate relief. Hallelujah! "Natures epidural"

I was so comfortable I think it might have stalled things a little so I got back on to the bed to push a few times and then went back in the tub. One of my earbuds fell out in the water, so we turned on our speaker with my birth playlist playing. It really set the tone in the room -everyone seemed to be pretty chill.

I pushed less then 15 times and by 3:10am Marleys head was out! Samara said reach down the middle and pull her up! I did just that. One of the most empowering moments of my life! My husband Bruce cut the umbilical cord and miraculously we became a family of 4 (Including Rocky our dog of course!).