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Why Celery Juice?

I've started to implement small healthy lifestyle changes to make the most out of everyday life! Instead of taking things you love away, why not add some healthy habits instead. I love tea & coffee but they can be dehydrating.  

I've been adding more hydrating juices and foods into my diet.  

If you're interested in making some small changes in your lifestyle, the tips in this article are simple yet helpful. Click here ----

If any of you follow my Instagram stories, you might have noticed I've been drinking celery juice practically every day! Why celery juice? 

Celery juice helps to rebuild your hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which helps with the breakdown of protein & digestion & kills harmful bacteria.

Celery Juice provides vital mineral salts to nourish your neurological system. 

It is also anti-viral & anti-pathogenic!

16 oz daily as Medical Medium (Anthony William, author of best-selling books Life-Changing Foods  recommends can heal your digestion & help you fight pathogens & heal your nervous system & fight stress!! 

If celery juice sounds awful to you, maybe you choose another healthy habit to add into your life. Adding fresh fruits and veggies will give you a natural feel-good boost full of antioxidants and high vibes! Wishing you a healthy and happy day! Hope to see you soon!

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